Artist Statement

I had been taking photographs for many years when I discovered a unique ability to utilize them in creating photo collages. Working on the computer, I combine my pictures with other art forms and texts, building complex “digital mixed media.”

Several years ago I joined an artists’ beit midrash and started creating works based on Jewish texts. My Judaic art combines ritual objects and sacred texts from Torah, Talmud and Commentary. In addition, I sometimes include old family pictures, journals, letters and bits of memorabilia. Some of the images shown in this website incorporate objects such as my father’s threadbare Tefillin, a family Ketubah, an old worn Siddur, my mothers Shabbat candlesticks, and a 1920s wedding dress.

Since childhood I have been an avid explorer of natural environments. I have photographed woods, seashores and of course flowers. Their colors and shapes are endlessly fascinating to me so I have included a number of photos of rhododendrons, gladioli and a series of lotuses and water lilies. The latter I have called “LongHouse Lilies”, naming them for my many years photographing them at the LongHouse gardens on the East End of Long Island.

People have noted a painterly quality to my work. This is primarily created by layering many images of varying transparency, giving the illusion of depth. Through stratification and the use of bold color, viewers can penetrate the many levels of complex symbolism.

All images are printed with archival inks on heavy weight acid-neutral watercolor paper. These prints make long lasting cherished Bar/Bat Mitzvah presents and wedding gifts.

Please email me with any requests and questions. The images change from time to time so please visit the site regularly.

© Barbara Freedman 2009